Empowering the leaders of tomorrow by teaching the skills that matter today!

Industry-leading training in Model UN, debate, public speaking & negotiation!

Empowering students through lectures and simulation!

Training programs, from one-off to ongoing, with tailored training to meet your needs.

Award winning trainers in the disciplines they train with real world experience.

Online resources that complement in-person training to improve your rhetoric, presentation and more!

AmbassadorHQ for

your training needs

We are a training company that specialize in Model UN, debate, public speaking, and negotiation. Our courses focus on skill-based learning tailored to the needs of the individual.

Professional trainers who are passionate about training students the skills needed to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Unlock a student’s full potential. Training students skills they can use in the real world!

AmbassadorHQ believes true change comes from within. Our philophoshy is to not only give theory but also the tools to use what you learn to start changing your life immediately! ————

MUN Training

MUN training provided by award-winning MUN’ers with years of real-world experience.

Debate Training

Our programs have been built by experts in their respective disciplines, built to teach the most in the best way.

Why Choose Us

AmbassadorHQ is one of the leading training companies currently working wish  universities, collages, and high schools all over Israel, USA, and Canada.

Professional Staff

Our trainers will go to where you need them to provide the quality coaching and workshops your team needs. We will find the right staff for the job to give your participants the best experience.

Quality Programming

Our workshops and materials have been tried and tested throughout the education and professional world. AmbassadorHQ has single focus and hybrid programs, to impart the skills needed in the best way!


The AmbassadorHQ will tailor the program your participants need to achieve the best outcome in the time given. Whether you have 2 hours or 2 days, we will help design a quality training program that will yeild tangibale results!

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Our Programs


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MUN Training

Training by MUN world leaders… .


Debate Training

Our debate trainers have trained teams around the globe.

Public speaking 

Public Speaking Training

Public speaking skills are one of the most powerful skills to learn how to use effectively. 





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