AmbassadorHQ (AHQ) is a training company that coaches Model United Nations, debate, public speaking, and negotiations skills extra-curricular courses. AHQ specializes in skill-based learning tailored to students’ individual needs, and to that end provides services including lectures, simulations, workshops, online training, one-off classes, and multi-semester programs. AHQ is affiliated with WiseMee , one of the foremost online resources for Model UN for both students and coaches. WiseMee works with some of the most experienced Model United Nations trainers and academic staff in the world, who collectively have over 500 Model UN conferences of experience.


AmbassadorHQ operates an International Team based in Toronto, Canada. The AmbassadorHQ-International Team focuses solely on Model UN programming at this time. Students in our weekly classes learn the fundamental skills involved in Model UN. Our delegates participate in conferences run by university-level Model UN teams from elite universities.

OUR COACHES: AHQ – International Team

Ana G. (coach.ana.mun@gmail.com)

Ana is a Ph.D. candidate in War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. Her research analyzes how terrorism succeeds based on the media coverage of terrorist activity. Ana has participated in Model United Nations since 2009 (including the 2014 and 2015 Cambridge International Model United Nations conferences, and the 2015 Oxford International Model United Nations conference). She has also served on the Secretariat of multiple international Model United Nations conferences. Notably, Ana won a diplomacy award at the 2017 edition of Harvard WorldMUN. Ana has coached Model United Nations through AHQ since 2014, first in Israel and then in the Greater Toronto Area from 2017 onwards.

Alex P. (coach.alex.mun@gmail.com)

Alex is a Ph.D. student in Anthropology at York University. Her research focuses on international relations and gay rights. Alex is an experienced teacher and coach, who has extensive experience as both a MUN delegate and as a member of Secretariat. Notably, she was a member of the McGill University MUN competitive travel team and attended several MUN conferences run by Ivy League universities during her tenure at McGill University.

David H. (coach.david.mun@gmail.com)

David is a Ph.D. Candidate in History at York University. His research focuses on transnational migration and immigrant identities in the nineteenth-century. He is an experienced teacher with four years of experience teaching at the university level alone. David also has significant experience both teaching and coordinating after-school and extracurricular programming in the Greater Toronto Area. In the context of AHQ, David teaches Model UN research methods, in addition to helping AHQ students understand the historical background of international disputes and national policies.




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Daniel G.
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Dor P.
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