MUN Conferences with AHQ!

* Information on the Conferences that will be attended by the AHQ Israel is forthcoming! Please send an email to for further information. *

Please continue reading for details on the conferences that the Toronto-based AHQ – International Team will be attending over the course of the 2019/2020 academic year . . .

Model UN Conferences (Ambassador HQ – International Team):

Model UN Conferences are where our delegates put their skills to the test and compete in simulations that mirror various international or governmental institutions. AmbassadorHQ-International Team typically takes delegations to weekend-long conferences run by university Model UN teams from elite universities. These conferences are the highlight of our yearly schedule!

Every delegation that we send to a conference is given 20 hours of in-class preparation by our coaches.Our delegations typically travel together to the conference location and stay together at a hotel or AirBnB close to the conference venue. Delegates participate in committee, engage with other delegates, and compete for awards throughout the weekend. They also usually have the opportunity to take a tour of the host university arranged by the conference. Delegates typically eat most of their meals with members of their committees. As such, we do not typically plan meals for our delegates while the conference is in session.

Conference Pricing (Ambassador HQ – International Team):

AmbassadorHQ-International Team’s conference package pricing is quite straightforward. We charge $500.00 CAD per delegate for 20 hours of preparatory classes, $300.00 CAD per delegate for supervision and coaching at the conference, and we also charge for the costs that we incur in arranging travel, accommodation, and paying registration fees to the conference. The cost of the coaches’ travel and accommodation are split equally between delegates. You can find examples of conference package prices below.

We are  committed to transparency about the costs that we incur for arranging travel and accommodations, and we are always willing to show our receipts upon request.

Parent Policy:

While Ambassador HQ welcomes any parents who may wish to travel with our conference delegations, it is important to note that we cannot arrange accommodation for accompanying parents. It is also important to note that Model UN conferences typically do not allow parents to attend any conference activities with their children. In some cases, if a parent is found to be within the conference venue, their child (as well as the rest of the delegation) may be taken out of the running for awards.

Sample Code of Conduct:

All of our conference delegates as well as one parent per delegate must sign our Code of Conduct before we commence preparatory classes for the conference. Our Code outlines the behavioural standard that we expect from our delegates, and lays out the potential consequences for behaving in contravention of those standards. Our Code of Conduct gets updated between conferences. We’ve attached the current, up to date version of the Code of Conduct below:

2019/2020 Conference Plan (Ambassador HQ – International Team):

**As well, please note that SSUNS is happening on the same weekend as Oxford Global this year. Delegates will not be able to attend both conferences.**

Oxford MUN 2019 (Oxford, United Kingdom. November 15-17 2019)


Ambassador HQ – International Team will be sending a delegation led by Coach Ana and Coach David to the Oxford Global Model UN Conference this coming November. We’re very excited to be attending the Oxford Global Model UN Conference for the second year in a row! We believe it to be one of the best run high school-level conferences in the world. Coach Ana is well-acquainted with the standards of the British Model UN community, having participated in numerous conferences throughout the United Kingdom as both a delegate and a staff member from 2013 to 2017. This year, the Ambassador HQ – International Team was given an excellent set of committee allocations, and we look forward to seeing what our students will accomplish at the conference!


The conference runs from November 15th to 17th, 2019. Our delegation will fly to the United Kingdom overnight and arrive in the morning on Thursday, November 14th. We will sight see in London for a few hours, and then travel to Oxford and settle in. Our delegates will participate in their committees from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. Once the conference is finished after the closing ceremony, our delegates will get some rest. We leave for the airport early in the morning on Monday, November 18th, 2019. Our flight to Toronto will return early that afternoon.


Conference Fee Breakdown (per delegate):


Oxford Global is somewhat different from most conferences that we attend, since Oxford Global allow individual delegates to pay their registration fees directly to the conference. (That is why this fee breakdown looks different than the rest of our breakdowns.)


Registration and Conference Fees: $240.00 in Great Britain Pounds ($385.00 in CAD, as of August 1st, 2019)


–> This fee is paid directly to the conference using a link that we can give access to.


Accommodation, Transportation and other costs: $1,113.00 CAD


Preparatory Classes and Coaching: $500.00 CAD


Coaching and Supervision at the Conference: $300.00 CAD


(The last three lines are to be paid directly to the AmbassadorHQ – International Team.)

Please note that there is only one remaining delegate position on our 2019 Oxford Global Model UN Conference delegation! If you are interested in participating, please email Coach David ( as soon as possible.

SSUNS 2019 (Montreal, Canada. November 14-17, 2019)

Ambassador HQ – International Team will be sending a delegation led by Coach Alex to the Secondary Students United Nations Symposium (SSUNS) at McGill University this coming November. We’re thrilled to be returning to this conference – our coaches consider SSUNS to be the best high-school level conference in Eastern Canada! Coach Alex is a former member of McGill University’s Model UN travel team, and a former member of the SSUNS Secretariat and is excited to, once again, be returning to her alma matter with students in tow.


SSUNS will be held at the Sheraton Centre in Montreal between November 14th and 17th, 2019. Our delegation will be traveling by VIA Rail to Montreal on the morning of Thursday, November 14th. We’ll check into our hotel rooms and register for the conference. Opening ceremony is in the evening of November 14th and the conference runs from then until Sunday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon, at the end of closing ceremonies we will pick up our luggage and return to Toronto by Via Rail train. We will likely arrive in Toronto late on Sunday evening.


We have prepared a tentative fee breakdown. Some of the costs that we incur are subject to how many delegates we will be bringing. Please remember that this is an estimate at this point.


Conference Fee Breakdown (per delegate):


Registration and delegation fees paid to SSSUNS: $110.00


Hotel Accommodation (including an equal portion of coach accommodations): around $250.00-$300.00 depending on delegate numbers


Transportation to Montreal (including an equal portion of coach transportation): $110.00-$140.00 depending on delegate numbers


Preparatory classes (20 hours): $500.00


Supervision and Coaching at the conference: $300.00


Estimated Overall Fee: $1,270.00-$1,350.00


CLICK HERE to be redirected to the online registration form for participation in the Ambassador HQ - International Team Delegation to SSUNS 2019!

HMUN 2020(Cambridge, MA, United States. January 31 to February 2, 2020)


Ambassador HQ – International Team will be sending a delegation led by Coach Ana, Coach David and Coach Alex to Harvard Model United Nations Conference (HMUN) in Cambridge, Massachusetts this coming winter! This year, we will be representing the Federal Republic of Germany!


We’re thrilled to be returning to HMUN 2020 – conferences run by Harvard University are uniquely enjoyable experiences in that they give delegates the opportunity to match their skills against students from countries around the world! Coach Ana received a diplomacy award at Harvard’s university-level WorldMUN conference (the self-proclaimed “Olympics of Model UN”) in 2017 is excited to, for the second year in a row, be taking her students back to a conference run by the university that facilitated one of her most enjoyable Model UN experiences. Last year, eight out of fifteen students on the Ambassador HQ – International Team delegation to HMUN 2019 received awards and commendations representing Tuvalu!


The HMUN conference is an incredible opportunity for students to compete at a conference run by Ivy League university students, aimed at high school students from some of the best secondary level preparatory schools in the world! Delegates will be mentored by members of Harvard University’s Model United Nations team who will be running the conference and serving as chairs and committee staff of all the committees.


The conference will run between January 30th and February 2, 2020. It will be located at the Sheraton Hotel, the Marriott Copley Place, and the John B. Hynes Memorial Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts.


We have prepared a tentative fee breakdown. Some of the costs that we incur are subject to exchange rates. Please remember that this is an estimate at this point.


Conference Fee Breakdown (per delegate):


Conference registration fee: $140.00*


On-site coaching and supervision fee: $300.00


Accommodation at the conference: $310.00*


Coaches’ transportation to and from the conference: $100.00*


20 hours of pre-conference practice and instruction: $500.00


Estimated Overall Fee: $1,350.00


* We will release a current pricing breakdown in September 2019, in order to factor in exchange rates for the costs that Ambassador HQ will incur in US dollars, and to reflect up to date costs for the coaches’ transportation to and from Boston. The supervision rate and pre-conference coaching fees will remain the same as last year. The three pricing items with a “*” next to them may change based on the above factors.

About the HMUN 2020 Delegation Try-Out Process:

Try-Outs for the 2020 AHQ – International Team Delegation to HMUN:

Due to an overwhelming amount of interest in attending HMUN 2020, the AHQ – International Team will be running a three-part tryout for students who are interested in participating in HMUN as part of the AHQ – International Team delegation.

  1. The first part of the tryout will consist of a position paper assignment, to be completed at
    home and submitted online by no later than Sunday, August 25 at 11:59 pm. (Allocations will be
    sent to students, along with a study guide created by AHQ coaches, by no later than August 21,
  2. The second part of the tryout will consist of an in-person simulation on the same study guide
    and topic, and with the same country assignments as the position papers. There are two
    possible dates for the simulation – we will inform each student which simulation that they are to
    attend once we receive their registration form, which is attached to this email. 
  3. The final part of the tryout will be the submission of a draft resolution on the basis of the
    simulation conducted, which will be due the Wednesday immediately following the simulation.

We will notify results on an individual basis in the days after the submission of the last tryout assignment. When the team is finalized, we will publish the results of this tryout for the sake of transparency. Each student will be allocated a number, and the score breakdowns will be sent to the email addresses that we have on file for those who applied and their parents with students identified by number only.


CLICK HERE to be redirected to the online registration form for the AHQ – International Team 2020 HMUN delegation tryouts!

** REMINDER: Try Out Registration Closes August 25, 2019! **

NUMUN (Evanston, IL, United States. April 16-20, 2020)

Ambassador HQ-International Team is tentatively planning to send a delegation oto NUMUN next spring as our last delegation of the 2019/2020 academic year. NUMUN will be held at Northwestern University between April 16th and 20th, 2020.

More information on this opportunity is forthcoming – please check back at the start of the 2019/2020 school year!


** Please check this page for updates in the fall, as we’ll have more information on the conference and on our fee breakdown then! **